We love working with business owners because we are business owners too.

What makes self employed, contract work or commissioned based income unique is the ability to write off expenses, however this can challenge your approval or mortgage purchasing power with traditional lenders.

With traditional financing using a minimum 5% down payment, mortgage amounts are qualified using the total income declared to CRA, for the past two years.

Alternatively if your declared income is not enough to qualify you for the mortgage amount you would like, and you have a 10% down payment, a stated income program might be a good option. This program will use a stated income amount that is reasonable based on what you claim and what you into your business for the past two years.

If your personal income tax is not a true reflection of what you make, or you have been in business for less than two years there are alternative solutions for you, with a minimum of 20% down.

If you are unsure of where you fit, we are here to help.

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