COVID-19-What Home Owners Need to Know

As your trusted mortgage adviser's we are absolutely committed to doing everything we can to help you if you are experiencing difficulty making your mortgage payments. These are unprecedented times, incredibly volatile and information is being adjusted, changed, clarified on a daily basis. I hope the information provided here can provide some help and please … Continue reading COVID-19-What Home Owners Need to Know

POSTPONED- Changes to the Mortgage Stress Test

The changes announced in this blog, have been postponed. With the impact on the economy from COVID-19, the regulators have decided to wait on any changes. It is worth to note that at this time the Stress Test has lowered with most mortgage lenders and today (March 31st, 2020) it is currently 5.04%. Previous post … Continue reading POSTPONED- Changes to the Mortgage Stress Test

Top 3 Reason’s To Buy in Edmonton This Winter

The thought of putting on your parka and heading out into -25 degree weather deters even the most strong willed Edmonton and Sherwood Park home buyers. With colder weather, people naturally tend to hibernate indoors. This is a great advantage to a first time home buyer, or a buyer who can buy first and sell … Continue reading Top 3 Reason’s To Buy in Edmonton This Winter

First Time Home Buyers Incentive Program

There is a lot of interest in the New Canadian First Time Home Buyers Incentive Program. This program is shared equity program designed to make first time home buying more affordable. See our video to have a better understanding, and don't forget to visit: for more information.

Good Credit

For most people, a mortgage is going to be one of the largest debts they manage in their lifetime. With this in mind when mortgage lenders are looking at an application they have to consider if an applicant has demonstrated a history to borrow and repay. The thicker and longer the history, means overall less … Continue reading Good Credit

The 5 C’s of Credit

When you join into a mortgage relationship with a lender, it's important to keep in mind that it is the lender who generally takes on the majority of the risk as most people put less than 50% up to only 5% of their own money to finance the initial cost of the home. In order … Continue reading The 5 C’s of Credit

Does your mortgage renew this year?

There are many Canadians whose mortgages are up for renewal this year. In 2014 the average discounted 5 year fixed rate was 2.81%, compare that with today's best averaging around 3.64% and  its no wonder that many Canadians are worried about their mortgage payments on their upcoming renewals. Over 3/4 of renewing mortgage holders are … Continue reading Does your mortgage renew this year?

A Collateral Mortgage is not a Standard Mortgage

When you purchase a home, your name is on your land title as being the owner of the property and any other interests in the property- such as a mortgage- will also go on title. We assume that all mortgages are registered the same- however there are very big differences between a standard mortgage charge … Continue reading A Collateral Mortgage is not a Standard Mortgage

Assumable Mortgages

With the latest increase in financing rates we might be hearing a lot more about assumable mortgages. An assumable mortgage is one that the lender allows another borrower to take over or assume the mortgage without changing any of the terms of the mortgage. The new applicant takes over the obligation for the payments left … Continue reading Assumable Mortgages

Mortgage Penalties

Often when looking at mortgage, many buyers 1st question is "what is your best rate?". While rate is certainly a consideration when choosing a mortgage product, knowing the features of the mortgage product should be top priority- because not all mortgage products or lender offerings are equal. In many cases, Canadians often end up paying … Continue reading Mortgage Penalties