Welcome to our first blog! We are mortgage brokers and are passionate about what we do. Danielle and Crystal are sisters we are the Mortgage Sisters West!

As mortgage brokers we don’t work for a specific bank or lender (we like our independence!) but rather we are affiliated with 50 different lending institutions and banks across Canada- so what does this mean for you? PLENTY! It means you have options, choice and a selection of trusted lenders with a large portfolio of mortgage products that you can’t access on your own…BUT we can!!!! We listen to you and find out your unique circumstances, ask you the right questions to find out what your plans are now and what your goals are down the road and then we source out the best lending match for you. We educate, advise and present your options giving you the knowledge and confidence to decide- and all this doesn’t cost you a penny but could save you thousands!

With mortgage lending rules changing all the time this makes navigating mortgages more difficult to understand and to qualify for and in today’s digital era the process seems to becoming more impersonal. We know how important your investment is and your experience is paramount to us. Our business is built on integrity and trust, not volume! When you need advise, help and support- the 1st place you go to is your family; let the Mortgage Sisters West offer you their ears and their expertise because with us, everyone is family.

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