Top 3 Reasons Edmonton Is The Place For Real Estate

Edmonton is proving to be the best place to buy property! We work in, live within and love this city, so its no surprise to us that Edmonton is quickly becoming the place to live and invest in. Lets take a quick look at the numbers.  According to Alberta population statistics, Alberta's population expanded by … Continue reading Top 3 Reasons Edmonton Is The Place For Real Estate

How To Get A Mortgage

There 4 main areas that lenders evaluate, while also considering the 5 C's of credit. These are income, down payment, active and historical credit, and the property itself. 5 Steps to Get a Mortgage Income and Employment. You monthly income is what will be paying the mortgage. There is a maximum percentage of your taxable … Continue reading How To Get A Mortgage

POSTPONED- Changes to the Mortgage Stress Test

The changes announced in this blog, have been postponed. With the impact on the economy from COVID-19, the regulators have decided to wait on any changes. It is worth to note that at this time the Stress Test has lowered with most mortgage lenders and today (March 31st, 2020) it is currently 5.04%. Previous post … Continue reading POSTPONED- Changes to the Mortgage Stress Test

What is a Monoline?

A Monoline lender, by definition, is a mortgage lender that focuses on lending money for one purpose: mortgages. It's that simple. Monolines are secure mortgage lenders. They are big players in the mortgage industry with billion of dollars in mortgage funds invested by the Big Banks, Life Insurance and Trust Companies. They follow the same … Continue reading What is a Monoline?